• Dr. Guy Grimes - Lead Pastor, Shoreline Baptist Church

    "Operation Rehab is the most exciting development to come to the drug and alcohol treatment field in decades. Their vision is to offer financial assistance for quality recovery provided to individuals who are ready for change but not prepared for the cost. I commend Operation Rehab for seeking to fill the gap between taking personal responsibility for one's addiction and obtaining the best treatment possible."

  • Phong Lai D.O. - Loma Linda University Medical Center, May 2010

    "Operation Rehab's mission is commendable. This non-profit organization's ability to help people find the proper medical care to overcome their addiction is another step forward in their healing process."

  • Bill Staffieri - Pastor, Beachpoint Church

    "One of the hardest challenges I have faced in ministering to families in our community over the past twenty years is dealing with the tragedy of substance abuse. When families face this challenge they are often overwhelmed and looking for answers. I am thankful that Operation Rehab is seeking ways to empower our families battling through addiction."